Aromatherapy With Eldercare

Taking care of an elderly loved one at home can be demanding, and many caregivers battle to make the right choices for aging family members who suffer common health problems and discomfort, such as stiffness, aching muscles, and joints, arthritis, weight loss, and insomnia.
Keeping it natural is the best way to go, so combining aromatherapy with elder care, when used properly, is a safe, simple and effective solution. Aromatherapy with eldercare allows you to improve the quality of life for older loved ones, and the rest of the family can enjoy it as well. Pure essential oils balance traditional medicine and can energize, stimulate appetite and promote relaxation when used as aromatherapy.

5 Tips for Integrating Aromatherapy with Elder Care:

Aromatherapy With Eldercare
  • Energize with peppermint. Peppermint is known for its invigorating properties, which is particularly useful at midday when even the best and most energetic of us need a pick-me-up. Put a few drops of pure, all-natural peppermint essential oil on a cotton ball, blanket, a hot or cold pack or something that you can set nearby. You can also add it to an essential oil diffuser.
  • Stimulate appetite with citrus, cardamom, bergamot or ginger. Add a few drops of essential oil to clothing, a blanket, cloth napkin or diffuser and let your loved ones breathe in the scent at mealtime.
  • Enjoy easy, sweet dreams and deep sleep with lavender. The scent of lavender encourages relaxation. Add a drop or two of pure, all-natural lavender essential oil to the inside of a pillowcase at bedtime to promote sleep. You can also put it on a cotton ball or piece of fabric and put it in the pillowcase. Another option is to add a few drops to an all-natural heat pack, like Nature Creation’s My Heating Pad series and let your loved one cozy up with it in bed. There are also lavender-filled heating packs and eye masks that work just as well with their fabulous aroma.
  • Relax in the afternoon or before bed with a lavender bath. You’ve probably heard about how lavender-scented bath soap has been working for decades to relax babies, kids, teens, and adults; well, it works to calm, soothe and relax seniors too. Run a bath and sprinkle in a few drops of lavender essential oil. It’s the ideal soak!
  • Discover the perfect and most effective essential oils for your loved ones with a simple smell test. Often you can get the same wonderful therapeutic effect with a variety of essential oils. But not all oils smell the same, and not all people react the same to each oil. Some people have an allergic reaction to a specific oil even though essential oils are chemical-free, and most people don’t have reactions at all. Also, some people only like the scent of certain oils. To find the best oils for your loved ones, simply open each bottle and have them tell you which ones smell the best. Those are the ones you should use!

Note: Essential oils in their pure form are very potent and shouldn’t be applied directly to the skin to avoid potential irritation.

*This article is meant for basic informational purposes only. It is not intended to serve as medical advice, substitute for a doctor’s appointment or to be used for diagnosing or treating a disease. Users of this website are advised to consult with their physician before making any decisions concerning their health.

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