Carpal tunnel syndrome is a pain, tingling, and numbness in your hand caused by pressure on the median nerve in your wrist. It is a common work-related condition or a health-related condition. Some of the symptoms are pain & swelling in your hand, wrist and arm, stiffness of the fingers and more.
We offer a variety of natural pain relief products for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Our natural heating packs and cold packs are specially designed to fit the wrist and arm. Elastic Velcro straps hold the packs in place allowing effective treatments and free mobility during application. Our natural relief packs can be used for hot therapy and cold therapy and are simple and easy to use.

My Heating Pad Basic Heating Pad PurpleMy Heating Pad Basic Heaing Pad Purple
#60 Blue Fleece #62 Purple Fleece
Lavender Unscented
Nature Creation Basic Heating Pad. Color: Blue FlowersNature Creation Basic Heating Pad. Color: Blue Marble
#01 Blue Marble #02 Purple Marble #11 Blue Flowers #14 Purple Flowers
Herbal Mix Unscented
HTP Relief Mighty Relief Pillow PurpleHTP Relief Mighty Relief Pillow Purple
#90 Blue Hot Cold #91 Purple Hot Cold
Herbs Blend Unscented
HP Solutions Microwavable Buddy Heating PadHP Solutions - Microwavable Buddy Diagram
Lavender Unscented
Hot Pockets - Making Boo Boo's BetterHot Pockets - Making Boo Boo's Better
#53 Dark Blue Cats #54 Dark Blue Seals #55 Red Dogs #56 Blue Cars
Lavender Unscented