Some people are intolerant to cold. Their body is sensitive to the slightest cold. It is very difficult for their body to warm up easily. Many people get cold hands or feet, which often are bothersome but not a serious health problem.
We offer a variety of natural relief products for feeling cold, such as basic herbal pack, thermo-shoes & more.
Our natural heating pads are specially designed for long heat retention allowing effective treatments. Our natural hot packs combine the benefits of heat therapy with aromatherapy for soothing relaxation. They are reusable and easy to use.

My Heating Pad Multi Purpose Heating Pad PurpleMy Heating Pad Multi Purpose Heating Pad Purple
#60 Blue Fleece #62 Purple Fleece
Lavender Unscented
HP Solutions Microwavable Buddy Heating PadHP Solutions - Microwavable Buddy Diagram
Lavender Unscented
Nature Creation Thermo-Shoes. Color: BlueNature Creation Thermo-Shoes. Color: Blue
Nature Creation Thermo-Shoes InsertsNature Creation Thermo-Shoes Inserts
Nature Creation Body & Bed Warmer Heating Pad BlueNature Creation Body & Bed Warmer Heating Pad Blue
#70 Black Fleece #71 Sky Blue Fleece #61 Pink Fleece
Herbal Mix Unscented
Nature Creation Warm-Up Scarf BlueNature Creation Warm-Up Scarf Inserts
Herbal Mix Unscented
#70 Black Fleece #60 Blue Fleece #61 Pink Fleece #63 Red Fleece
Hot Pockets - WarmABedHot Pockets - WarmABed
#11 Blue Flowers #14 Purple Flowers
Lavender Unscented