The most common type of headache is likely caused by tight muscles in your shoulders, neck, scalp, and jaw. This kind of headache is called a tension headache. It may be related to stress, depression, anxiety, a head injury, or holding your head and neck in an abnormal position. It tends to be on both sides of your head.
We offer a variety of natural pain relief products for tension headaches, such as upper relief wrap, sinus relief pillow & more.
Our natural heating packs and cold packs are specially designed to fit the shoulders, neck, eyes, and forehead allowing effective headaches treatment. Our natural relief packs can be used for hot therapy and cold therapy and are simple and easy to use.

Nature Creation Basic Heating Pad. Color: Blue FlowersNature Creation Basic Heating Pad. Color: Blue Marble
#01 Blue Marble #02 Purple Marble #11 Blue Flowers #14 Purple Flowers
Herbal Mix Unscented
Nature Creation Lavender Eye Mask Blue FlowersNature Creation Lavender Eye Mask Blue Flowers
HTP Relief Mighty Relief Pillow PurpleHTP Relief Mighty Relief Pillow Purple
#90 Blue Hot Cold #91 Purple Hot Cold
Herbs Blend Unscented
Hot Pockets - Evap WrapHot Pockets - Evap Wrap
Hot Pockets Evap Wrap - Buy 3 get 2 FREEHot Pockets - Evap Wrap