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Hot Pockets™ – Warm-a-bed Warm-a-body


  • Multipurpose application: hot, moist or cold
  • 100% natural
  • Reusable
  • Simple to use
  • Machine washable
  • Proudly made in the USA ??
#11 Blue Flowers #14 Purple Flowers
Lavender Unscented
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Heat in the microwave to temporarily:

Heat in the microwave to

Relieve neck stiffness

Relieve shoulder muscles pain

Relieve lower back muscles pain

Relieve menstrual cramps

Relieve minor joint pain

Warm-up your body


Cool in the freezer to temporarily:

Cool in the freezer to

Relieve joints & tendons pain

Relieve muscle pain due to injury

Relieve sprains

Reduce swelling

Relieve minor bruises & burns

Cooldown your body



Product size: Approximately 14” Diam

Applications: Hot / Moist / Cold

Material/ Fabric: 100% Cotton

Filling Ingredients: Unscented Version – Rice.
Lavender Version – Rice & Lavender Flowers

Proudly made in the USA

Warranty: 12-month manufacturer warranty + 6-month exclusive extended warranty


Like Grand Ma’s hot water bottle, it warms your neck!

it warms your toes! it warms your heart! – Cuddle Up!

The Warm-a-bed warm-a-body pack is large enough to gently warm two cold feet, or hold like a muff to warm those icy hands! It conforms to any shape.

The Warm-a-bed warm-a-body pack relaxes muscle aches and monthly cramps! and calms stress and tension as it warms your bed and warms you on cold nights! It feels great on a tight neck or shoulders.

Each pack is circular, 14″ in diameter, an inch thick when flat, and has 3-1/4 pounds of heated comfort, and has a removable and washable outer covering!

Provide your body with the warmth and comfort it needs to maintain a healthy, natural, and active lifestyle!

Additional information

Weight4 lbs
Pick Color

#11 Blue Flowers, #14 Purple Flowers

Pick Aroma

HP Lavender Scent, HP Unscented


Contains 1 rice pouches in separate pockets for even distribution of heat and cold

Heating Instructions:
  • Heat in Microwave oven only. Do not use a conventional oven.
  • Be sure the oven is clean, previous spills may cause burns or ignition.
  • Heating time may vary among microwave ovens.
  • Heat first for 2 minutes, turn the pack and heat an additional minute.
  • Test temperature of Hot Pockets before using.
  • Reheat as needed.

Stays warm for about 25 minutes.

Freezing Instruction:
  • Enclose in a plastic bag.
  • Put in the freezer overnight for a cold pack that remains dry and pliable.

Stays cold for about 15 minutes.

Cleaning Instructions:
  • Remove Inner rice pack before laundering.
  • Only the outer covering is washable.
  • Follow the instruction as appears on the laundry label which sewed to the outer covering.
  • To clean the rice pack wipe them with a wet cloth.
  • Do not soak the rice pack and do not get them wet.
Recommended Storage: 
  • Place in plastic bag and store in the freezer.
  • The pack will be ready to use when cold is needed.
  • If heat is required, place in the microwave and heat it as needed.
  • For external use only. Use as directed.
  • Do not overheat the pack. Overheating the pack may cause burns and will damage the product.
  • Side effects may occur in people with allergies to filling ingredients. If allergies occur, discontinue use immediately.
  • Do not saturate the product – Do not soak or get the pack wet.

2 reviews for Hot Pockets™ – Warm-a-bed Warm-a-body

  1. Cecilia

    This product is great! We love them. Almost everyone in our family uses one. Wonderful for joint aches and back pain. And of course the wonderful benefit of warming your bed too! Plus the cover is washable and made of thick sturdy fabric. This is my third purchase of multiple hot pocket warm a bed bags.

  2. June Downs

    I am 82 years old. Have had back problems all of my life, in fact I broke my back 3 yrs ago this month, so I am extremely qualified when it comes to finding some relief from back pain. I have gone through probably a dozen different items that can be warmed up in the microwave and they have not lasted or disintegrated in a short time. However, I was telling my daughter recently, I just wish I could find another one like my favorite one which had yellow and pink flowers on the cover and was more like a pillow instead of a little skinny thing to put around your neck. I have had this flowered one for many years, but I know it is not going to last forever. My daughter said “let’s see if there is a name on it, maybe we could order one on the internet”. Guess what the name is – Of course HOT POCKETS WARMABED. I wasted no time in ordering one and received the purple one a couple of days ago. I have taken this to bed with me every night for years winter or summer. It gives me a lot of relief and stays in place wherever you put it. I am going to order one for my daughter as she unfortunately has a back like mine (and osteoporosis), so she will love it I’m sure. I just never BEFORE thought to look to see if there was a tag on mine with the name. Thank you for this wonderful product. I LOVE IT!

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